Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

More Birthday Fun

For Lee's birthday we kept it really simple! In the morning Whit and I woke him up with balloons and the Happy Birthday song. When he saw us walk in his little face was so sweet and excited. Then we had some birthday pancakes and a few presents, played with balloons and then brought cupcakes to school. Later that night we had our family over for pizza and cake. And then Saturday we went to the mall to play on the playground, ride the train and eat lunch at the Varsity with Webb and James. I think he had lots of fun and I hope he felt special and celebrated on his big 2nd birthday!!!

Good morning Birthday Boy!
Birthday night...
How cute is this cake that Erin made?!?!
Saturday at the mall...


I have a two year old and I just cleaned his high chair for the first time.


Seriously, so gross! This high chair has been the source of many cute pictures and now I guess a lot of germs too. I deep cleaned the thing yesterday and moved Lee to a chair at our table and all I know is my friend Lindsey would be totally grossed out with what she saw. Lesson learned: a quick wipe down and Walker licking up crumbs does not get the job done. Will try to do better once Brant gets in there.

**Have you seen Lindsey's blog: A Simple Hive? So fun with great ideas for you to try or that she can help you with. Go take a look!**

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday to Lee!!! I truly cannot believe he is 2 years old. I love this boy with all my heart. He is such a joy in my life and I am so thankful for him.
Here are a few things about Lee as a 2 year old:

I love his big smile and his happy eyes.
He is crazy. He gallops around our house all day from one thing to the next, dancing and laughing and falling all over the place. He is a delight!
I say he is "enthusiastic about life!" Whit says he is "passionate!" Either way he can be the happiest little thing one minute and then totally upset the next.
He is talking a lot. So fun to hear what he says. This morning he was singing Happy Birthday to Lee. I would say his favorite word right now is no. Not so fun but hopefully he will move on from that at some point (soon).
He sings with me when I am putting him down for a nap or at night. Truly the sweetest sound to hear him sing "how deep, how high, how long, how wide is His love, is His love for me." Nothing like it.
Every day is something new. I love being Lee's mama. Thank you Lord for my sweet boy Lee.
Let's hear it for TWO!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Around Here...

Each day is different and some days are better than others, but all around things are going great. Brant is a sweet, sweet baby. Lee is an awesome big brother. Whit has been wonderful. And all of our family and friends have been so helpful. So thankful! Here are a lot of pictures from the past couple of weeks all in one post.
*I love this picture of Whit and Lee because the first few days snowed in Lee was a little stir crazy and Whit may have been a tad worn out. Sums it up perfectly!
hee hee. we are not potty training but lee is very interested...