Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Job Description

The bible study I go to, Mom to Mom, started back a few weeks ago. It is such an encouraging group! We are reading The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. It is really great so far. I love going to this group because it reaffirms that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing and the most important thing that I could possibly be doing right now (for me) in being Whit's wife and Lee's mother. Today, I put something new on my kitchen sink window - my new job description - and I am excited about it!

Sally says, "I have come to appreciate the beauty and wisdom of my God-given assignment... I have found deep fulfillment and satisfaction in exercising my gifts, strengths, and personality to bless my family, neighbors, and friends from the strength of my home. Establishing my house-hold as a place in which the greatness of God and a devotion to him is lived out each day has given me focus. Loving my children and nurturing their hearts and minds while training their character and leading them to know the Lord and his purposes has satisfied my soul's need for purpose."

That is my new goal - to think along these lines each day. Some other side notes (that I hope may encourage you) that I wrote down today are:

Lord, what do you want for my family?

God is BIG! Don't downsize or dumb him down to your children. It is amazing what those little minds can take hold of.

In the beginning... Adam came from dust. Must be why boys like dirt so much!

Man was lonely, incomplete. He needs a helper. God is calling me to be Whit's helper - I need to work on this more intentionally.

When people say to a lady with a lot of kids - "Oh my! You have your hands full!" Her response is always, "Its the best way to keep my hands and heart full!" I like that : )

I have the opportunity to grow a home!

The rescue of your children will happen in the mundane and also in the chaos.

Everything in society today is watering down what God intended family to be. Instead of seeing and hearing great things about family, people see the family that is portrayed by media and Hollywood. Build family up, get excited about it, show people the kind of family that God designed. So much changes, things go in and out of style. But our God - he is big and he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!

In other news...
This baby boy is growing right along and is making me grow little clumps of chicken hair! I wish I could take a picture, but in my rear view mirror all I see are three groups of thick, short hair sticking straight up and to the side - one on the right, one in the middle, and one on the left side of my hair by my forehead...pretty!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy 20 Month Birthday!

Lee is 20 months old!
He is into trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, fire trucks and dump trucks - transportation I guess. He also loves Daddy, Walk-Walk, building blocks, tents and golf carts. He doesn't like football as much as he likes baseball. He has learned his first bad word: "No!" Oh gosh, here we go. But, he can also say Jesus so that is good. If you ask him a question he nods his head hard with his mouth open to say yes. He is full of kisses and hugs and gives kisses when he needs to say he is sorry. Lee is such a fun little boy - wild & crazy but so sweet too.
We love you Lee!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Park

**Check out Erin's blog: StuntzandFriends to see a really cute video of Whit, Natalie & Erin when they were little feeding ducks. So fun!**

One of Lee's best buddies - WEBB!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Somebody Likes the Blue Devil Cheerleaders...

What Happened?

After all of that about cupcakes, I am kind of over them. The thought just doesn't excite me any more like it has for the past 6 months. Thanks for all of your fun comments though!

Labor Day At The Beach! {a little late}

This year for Labor Day we got to go to St. Simons with some friends - there were 15 of us including 5 kids and we had so much fun. We watched the Georgia game, ate a lot of great food, played in the pool and at the beach, Lee & I rode bikes and kayaked, the boys played golf & fished, and all the kids played so good together. Here are a lot of pictures mostly from the beach. The beach was empty so Lee, Rhodes, Ali & Harry got to run free all over the place and Libby got to sleep in peace. Thanks Ashley & Otis for a fun beach trip!!!

Rhodesy, Lee & Ali say, "Let's Go Dawgs!"
At the beach...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I think about cupcakes all day long. The other day at church David asked what we think about in our idle time. I leaned over to Whit's sister Erin and whispered, "I think about cupcakes!" Isn't that sad?! Before this pregnancy I didn't think twice about cupcakes - gummy bears yes - cupcakes not so much. Now at any given time I just might be thinking about Gabriel's Red Velvet Cupcakes. They make me happy. Here are a few other things about me as a pregnant person:

*Someone told me the other day that my belly is a lot bigger this time. Thank you very much. I think they are right though. I kind of like a baby belly but not the other bigger parts.
*Don't mess with me. I feel like I have a lot of thoughts & opinions going on in my head and I am a little more willing to say what I think right now.
*Every morning I drink hot chocolate and eat a bran muffin. I don't care how hot it is - I am loving hot chocolate. I drank it every day with Lee too.
*My heartburn is back but if it helps this baby to have hair bring it on. I love babies with hair.
*Whit has declared me his little nester. I didn't get to set up a nursery for Lee until the day he was born. So, I am anxious to set up his big boy room.
*Friday Night Lights makes me cry.
*I know this baby's name and call him that. Lee can say it too. Whit won't admit to deciding so I'm not allowed to tell anyone but that is ok with me.
*I love thinking about this little boy in our family. I am excited to meet him and see how he fits right in. I've always heard that once the second baby arrives they couldn't picture their family without that person. I am excited for that.

**How can I center Little Happy Things in the header? It won't let me do it.**

Friday, September 3, 2010

Its That Time of Year Again!

Go Blue Devils!!!
And, Go Dawgs!!!