Friday, February 3, 2012


Lee at 3 is so fun - sometimes so hard - but mostly so, so fun.  He is full of life and curiosity and makes my days so full.  He loves to play outside - exploring, working in the yard & fixing things, playing all his "sports" & on the playground, pretending to be a pirate, and riding all his things with wheels including his much anticipated new roller-skates.  He loves art projects and helping in the kitchen.  He says "I lushj you."  And then night-night, sweet dreams, I lushj you to the moon and back, don't lock the door about 15 times before you leave his room at night.  Loves to be a naked jay bird.  So many things are so "tool!"  Clifford & Curious George are his new favorite shows but he still loves him some Mickey Mouse.  Proud wearer of big boy undies - 4th potty training attempt was the finally the charm for us.  Sings along to praise CDs in the car and I love.  He loves school and all of his friends.  He is a roller-coaster some days when it comes to his mood - happy, sad, whining, ecstatic, crying - but I'm pretty sure that's normal.  I'm excited to see how he grows and changes and to find out all the new things about Lee this year.  Blessing.