Friday, July 27, 2012

Little things to remember:

He is a sweet, wild, strong-willed, creative, imaginative, curious little 3 & a 1/2 year old.
It is amazing how fast he can go from being a cowboy to super hero to builder.
He is a whirlwind flying through our house 98% of the time.  The other 2% he likes to snuggle up and watch a show with blankie and his mama. (that is a lie.  i am sure we watch tv more than 2% of the time especially in this hot summer.)
If he doesn't break a bone before the Olympics is over I will be amazed and very thankful.  He is trying out gymnastic moves all over the place.  Trying to teach him that his neck is very important so be careful!
He teaches me about grace.  I need grace and he needs grace.  I need more patience and he needs to do what I ask!
He can swim!
When he swims to you he says, "Ok, stay right there and don't move at all.  At all.  You promise?"
He remembers everything.  He surprises me all the time by bringing up things from so long ago.
He "woo hoos" a lot.
Oh how sweet he is at 1 & a 1/2!
He continues to push, push, push everything all over the place.
He is a bopper.  Its his way of saying hey by bopping you on the head.  Trying to break this!
He loves babies.  I think this will be so great and a little hard too with Baby 3.
He has the sweetest smile and under bite.
He gets so, so excited when people come over.  Most excited for Dadda. And then next most excited for Bebe, Pop Pop, Dee Dee & Happy.
When I'm rocking him he says all of there names and I say each one loves him so much and he smiles and smiles.
He loves his bunnies and all his other snuggly things but his 2 bunnies are his favorite.
He claps at all the right times.
His favorite book is Road Work.  He loves all things diggers.
He can say:  doggy, ball, Lee, Mama, Dadda, all of his grandparents' names, truck, elephant, digger, dump truck, please, thank you, bye (really loud and southern), baby, choo choo, cheese, hot, airplane.

Baby 3:
CAN.NOT.WAIT to know what this baby is!  I know it will be a lot of fun to be surprised on OCTOBER 8th but right now I don't love not knowing.  A little bit longer!
This baby is so loved and I can't wait to meet him or her!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

We went to the beach...

A few weeks ago we went to St. Simons.  Love that place.  We:  bowled on a rainy day, played on the beach, dug canals and watched the water run, swam in the ocean, played in the pool, ate too much Moo Cow Ice Cream and too much Crab Daddy's, watched 6 boys play and explore, whispered and tip toed when those boys slept to keep them asleep as long as possible, attempted a water park for the first time, and everything else beachy.  
So thankful for a fun trip with family.