Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We are moving!  I am very excited but also a little sad to leave our first home.  This has been such a fun house to live in.  I'll always remember it as a special place because our first 3 years of being married were spent here.  I can remember when Whit and I were dating and he asked me if I liked this house.  Then one day we went to lunch and after we were finished he said he wanted to take me somewhere.  He put a jacket over my head to cover my eyes and then we ended up in our driveway where he said that he had bought it.  He asked me to help him pick out paint colors and come up with ideas to fix it up.  I told him that I shouldn't do that because I was just his girlfriend ... he said I wouldn't always be his girlfriend!  About 2 months after that we got engaged and then about 4 months later we got married.  First it was Whit, Walker and me ... then we added Leroy ... and then we got to bring Lee home to this house.  Some other things I have loved about it are 4th of July parties, being so close to the square and mountain, having lots of friends over and Christmas time.  There are a lot of fun things about living in an old house and I have tons of great memories here.
When we first got home from our honeymoon

Happy Halloween with Walker
Concerts on the Square
Christmas times
Our very own Santa next door and our Christmas "miracle dog"

Leroy!  {and a not so sure Walker!}

4th of Julys
Bringing home baby Lee

Friday, May 15, 2009

love these two boys

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Momma Mind

I did not really know what to think when I heard that a girl can sometimes lose her mind from time to time when she has a baby.  So far, here are some of the silly {stupid!} things I have done since Lee has been here...
  • Dropped my phone in the toilet in the middle of the night
  • Drove off with the gas nozzle and hose hanging from my car
  • Locked my keys in the car with Lee, Walker and Leroy all inside
  • Drove from a Zaxbys to a McDonalds with Lee's door wide open {luckily these were in the same parking lot so not that bad}
  • While putting him in his snap n' go stroller, I fell over it backwards landing flat on the ground in a puddle.  Luckily the stroller some how caught Lee's car seat on the way down.
  • Tried to leave for boot camp {at 5:30 in the morning} and couldn't find my keys.  Looked every where.  Looked in my car and went to turn on the overhead light.  Wouldn't come on...hmmm.   There were my keys in the ignition.  I had left them in there all night just on enough so that I could roll down the window the day before.  Dead battery.  Darn-it!
...just to name a few!  Maybe the moral of this story is I should take a break from my car!  Have you lost your mind lately?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Trip to the Beach!

This past week Lee, Walker, Leroy and I went to St. Simons and met Whit's sister Natalie there. We went for walks every morning on the beach, hung out at the pool, and had some yummy dinners.  I'm so excited because Lee likes to swim!  It was so fun to have a baby at the beach.  Here are some pictures!

"I've got my sunscreen on ~ I'm ready to go!"

Lee & Natalie and then a giant gorilla!

Walker & Leroy playing on the beach.  They were WILD all week - or at least Walker was.   I almost gave him up for adoption to a little boy who thought he was a 'cool' dog.  Seriously.
I could have eaten this boy up with a spoon in his little bathing suit!
Sweet, Sweet Lee!