Friday, April 30, 2010

Let's Play!!!

This is our play group: me & Lee, Jamie & Ali & Rhodes, Molly & Webb, Katie & Ava, and Lindsey & John Parker. I love this little group (if anyone else wants to play, come on!). So fun to watch them play! And so great to spend time with these girls!

Lee & one of his new favorite toys: sticks!
John Parker & Ava
Sweet Ava!
Smiley John Parker!
Ali the big girl!
Rhodesy - I LOVE her hair!
This face is when Lee says, "Ohhhhh!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy 15 Month Birthday Lee!
Lee is 15 months old now and is getting so big. He is walking around like a crazy person, practically running! He can say things like mama, daddy, dog, ball, balloon, book, bird, woof woof woof and Pop. When we get in the car and I say, "Do you want to go to Kroger?" he says, "BOON!" because he loves the balloons there. He is a happy thing. He smiles and laughs and dances and those things make me so happy. He has lots of energy and goes, goes, goes. When we pray and then say Amen he laughs. He thinks Amen is funny. He is really into books. He carries them all around the house and looks through the pages at all the pictures. He loves to be outside and can pitch a little fit when its time to go in. He is so curious. His little eyes and mind are just taking it all in and it is fun to watch. When he wakes up and we go to get him he is usually walking all around his crib. If he happens to be laying down he flips over and stands up so fast. Then he throws his frog and blanket over the crib and laughs and falls all over the place. Going out to eat isn't the most fun thing any more. Oh well. He gives sweet, sweet hugs and goes in for a kiss with his mouth open. He has 4 teeth and one on the way. He thinks hats are fun. Sometimes he is walking around with Whit's visor around his neck, a camo mesh hat on his head over his eyes and a UGA hat in his hand. He is usually carrying something around. Lee is lots of good things and I love him so much.

In other news...
This weekend we said so long to sweet Leroy. A cute couple from Columbus adopted him and I think they are going to love him so much. Leroy was SUCH a good dog but two big dogs + Lee + the thought of future babies was too much for me. Walker is sad but is stepping back up to the plate as the one and only dog and is loving the extra attention {and snacks because I keep feeling guilty when he looks at me with those sad eyes!} I am going to miss Leroy but know that it was the best thing. I'm glad I didn't look at these pictures before giving him away - I don't think I would have been able to do it... Love you Leroy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Donna! She is a wonderful mother to Whit, the sweetest & best mother in law to me and Lee's favorite DeeDee! We love you!


Lee's love for ketchup is growing...

Friday, April 16, 2010

I have been bracing myself because the Bible study I have gone to this year {Mom to Mom at Church of the Apostles if anyone wants to go in the fall! It is so great!} has talked a lot about disciplining your children. Everyone in my small group has said some time after their 1st birthday it will begin - that sweet little baby who's worst offense is having a fussy day will figure out that they have free will. And so, Lee's time has come!

For those of you who have gone through and are still going through disciplining and loving your children, what is the best book you have studied, most helpful advice you've been given, or favorite scripture you have read about it? Help me please! I might be calling a couple of you soon for coffee!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tonight while putting Lee to bed he discovered something quite entertaining: mommy's cleavage! Apparently in a v-neck shirt my boobs are very fun to blow on, pat, head butt and laugh hysterically at while listening to songs about Jesus.

**Sorry Dad for talking about boobs but it was too funny. At least no picture!**


Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm loving that Lee can understand more and more each day. Today he was busy, busy playing and I said "Lee, come give Mama a hug." He threw down what he was playing with and walked with quick little feet, arms wide and fell into me. Oh man, pure sweetness!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs

I just love Easter eggs. I love all the fun colors. Lee has been playing with eggs around the house for a couple of weeks. And, today we got to go to an Easter egg hunt. Oh my goodness, there were some cute kids! It was lots of fun - I hope its an every year thing here in Marietta.
Easter Egg Hunt!
Natalie & Thomson were there!
Lee & Mimi Viola. I wish Mimi would have looked at the camera and I wish you could have seen her pink converse - she is a funny girl!
Not real sure what to do at an egg hunt
so lets go sit with our friend Webb.
And Rhodes. Hey pretty girl!
Look at this! Lots of fun things to try to get away with.
After a whole sugar cookie with pink strawberry icing. Egg hunts are great!
Lee and his DeeDee

Thursday, April 1, 2010