Thursday, March 21, 2013


Love that our cousins and grandparents live close by!  Lee, Brant & Mac love these cousins (+ Campbell & Zach) and it makes me so happy.  And they have the best 4 grandparents anyone could ask for.  So, so thankful!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brant + Mac

This sweet thing loves, and I mean looovvveeesss, Mac.  Lee is in on it too but you cannot keep Brant away from Mac.  And Mac loves it.  I can already tell he thinks his brothers hung the moon.  Whether he comes out of it in one piece or not, he is going to be a tough, well loved boy.

Tee Ball!!!

#6 Leebo Smith is pretty pumped about playing tee ball!  He is playing on the Dodgers and having a lot of fun!  He has lots of fans and fun little teammates.
Go Lee!!!

Mac is 5 months old!

Mac is 5 months old.  Time goes so fast!  He is becoming such a big boy and could not be any sweeter.  He smiles and laughs and plays and eats and sleeps all day long.  We love this boy!